Realms of Magic

by Archmage

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released June 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Archmage Rhode Island

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Track Name: Mysteries of the High Elves
Aeons in the darkness
Born of the temples of light
Descendants, ancestrals
Fled to the woods in the night
Their minds like machines
Sculpted the realms of magic
And for years they ruled
With the power of the arcana

Aeons in the sunlight
Enjoying the splendor of peace
The silence was broken
By the rising new races of Gaia
Unintelligent and brutish
We must destroy the blight
So they summoned a great meteor
to restore our planet to light
Track Name: Giantslayer
Infiltrating deadly ogre stronghold
Many of our friends are captives here
Foul stench of bodies laying rotten
Bones and limbs are spewed about the mess

Ancient dragon ruins lost to time
Overrun by giant folk and kin
Hold your breath... lest they hear us coming
We must free the last of our men
Track Name: Dark Mirror of Magic
Gaze through the flames
The mirror black as night
Flame burns bright
Two candles lit on either side

Voice hums low
Call to void the ancient rite
Rise before my eyes his night
Track Name: Light Warrior
Lit by the altar
Crystal shines its light
Holy artifact of
Undying life
Bathed in its glory
Crystal lend me strength
Bound for battle
Fulled by your power

Warriors of light
Defenders of gaia
Sword and shield in hand
Weilders of magic
Track Name: Dead Horizon
Defenders of the warp drives
Cleansing the cosmic way
of beasts and humans alike
Who seek to destroy the landings we've made

Pulse turrets burn like a sun
Ripping apart the traitorous fleets
Of massing demon warships
Their vessels a black cloud on the dead horizon
Track Name: Underdark
Deep in the underdark
Realm of no light
Houses wage war
for the dark elven right
Murder and trechery
Violence and spite
Trapped in the darkness
Eternal the night

Home of the drow
Hail the spider
Hail the spider