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released July 6, 2017



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Archmage Rhode Island

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Track Name: A Rumor of Dragons
A king and his kingdom
His knights and his court
The rumors were true
A dragon comes this way
Set fire to the braziers
A call to arms
Send the women and children
to the depths of the castle
Arm the catapults
Archers on high
Send the wizards to the spires
Clerics bless the footmen
Warriors to the drawbridge
Druids to the wood
We'll kill this wyrm yet
He won't win again

A kingdom is burning
The knights have been bested
The rumors were true
A dragon reigns again
Extinguished are the braziers
No help comes to our aid
The women and children
Are screaming in fright
The catapults are in flames
The archers lay broken
The wizards fleed the spires
The blessings went unheard
The warriors lay slaughtered
The druids forest burning
The dragon breaths again
The dragon reigns again
Track Name: The Tomb of Horrors
Bury my body deep under the earth
Far from the scorn of the light
Lay down my corpse in a tomb of deceit
of madness and endless unlife

Long live my spirit in form of a lich
Banish the light from my life
Hail to The Whispered, the giver of sin
Bless me with endless unlife

Press your luck
In the Tomb of Horrors
End your life
In the Tomb of Horrors
Track Name: Ravenloft
Through the fog
To the land of the Barovia
Magical weapons in hand

We of the light
Traveled by night
To take back our freedom from Strahd
Track Name: The Cleric
At the secret altar in the night
The oracle performs the sacred rite
Surrounded by the holy veil of white
Bestows upon me ancient blessing of light

Blinding light consumes me
Wisdom of the sun
Endless might flow through me
I shall purge the evil one

In the secret cave I spoke the rite
Thus awoke the sleeping evil Wight
I swung with my scepter hard, I prayed to the light
With the cleric's blessing I smote the evil blight
Track Name: Guardian of the Petrified Forest
Slumbering ancient protector
Resting his eyes in the petrified forest
Secret endangered defender
Guardian of the forsaken wood
Green scales flash in the sunlight
Gnarled horns like tree trunks protrude from the earth
Deep in his mind lies the secret
The old hidden truth of the forsaken village

Adventurers beware
For none have returned from their trek to the wood
All those who long for the secret
Shall be cast down by his breath of fire
All that he'd touch turned to stone
All that he'd breath upon turned into ash
Ancient draconic defender
Guardian of the petrified wood
Track Name: Blackguard
I drank from the fountain
I forsake my god
The demon blood is sickening
And burns my tongue
I feel my powers fading
I'm falling from light
Into the abyssal
The forces of blight

How could you forsake me
I was your champion
I'm no longer worthy
I'm the faithless paladin